The 2022 Excellent Employee Commendation Conference of Kaidi Co., Ltd. was successfully held!
2023-02-28 Corporate Information
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Fight for the vanguard on the way forward, and write magnificent chapters with pride. Before the Spring Festival, Kaidi Co., Ltd. 2022 Outstanding Employee Commendation Conference was officially held at 9:00 am on January 13, 2023 in the conference room on the second floor of the Group’s administrative building. The person in charge and some honored personnel attended the conference. The atmosphere of the venue was warm and the applause continued.


At the beginning of the meeting, President Zhang Haijun came to the stage and gave a speech. Mr. Zhang pointed out that most of the front-line employees in this commendation meeting are responsible, capable, and outstanding. This is the talent standard that Kaidi continues to implement. It is the long-term pursuit of the company to cultivate a team that can do practical things and win battles. The colleagues who were commended today are all outstanding performers or achievements in the past year. I look forward to your outstanding performance in the future work. Finally, Mr. Zhang also sent New Year blessings to everyone, wishing all colleagues a happy New Year and a family reunion!

The company commended and rewarded teams and individuals with outstanding performance in 2022. There are 90 outstanding employees (62 front-line employees, 28 department employees), 9 excellent team leaders, 3 excellent managers, 3 excellent teams, 14 2 outstanding patent inventors, 6 outstanding patent inventors, and on-site awarding.

image年度优 秀员工


年度优 秀班组长


年度优 秀管理


年度优 秀团队


年度优 秀专利发明人




After the commendation ceremony, chairman Zhou Rongqing took the stage and delivered a speech. Jay Chou said that the development of an enterprise is inseparable from all employees and teams, and he hopes that every department and team can continue to find outstanding and hard-working employees, so that their dedication will have more opportunities to be seen.

2022 is a year full of hardships, and the competition in the industry and the market is particularly fierce. However, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company's performance has risen sharply in the face of adversity. In the past year, the development of Kaidi is inseparable from the efforts of each department. In 2023, we will continue to move forward with this state and momentum, and we believe that we will surely reap more breakthrough results.

Finally, Jay Chou sent the most sincere New Year blessings to all the staff and their families, wishing everyone a happy New Year, good health, happy life and all the best!