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Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc founded in 1992 and located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, has been deeply involved in the linear drive industry for nearly 30 years. It is a service-oriented listed enterprise with intelligent technology as its core and manufacturing as its foundation, integrating linear drive system research and development, production, application research, and domestic and foreign marketing.

常州市凯迪电器股份有限公司,成立于1992年,坐落于江苏常州,深耕线性驱动行业近30年,是一家以智能科技为核心...    MORE >>


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China International Furniture Exhibition officially opened, and Kaidi debuted in Shanghai with "Intelligent Integrated Solutions"!
On September 11-15, 2023, the 28th China International Furniture Exhibition was officially held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Today is the first day of the exhibition, and Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. made a stunning appearance at the N5J33 booth!We use a super large LED screen up to 6 meters as the exterior wall of the N5 boutique material museum, which is particularly eye-catching. The inspiration for this year's Kaidi curation is "Intelligent Integrated Solutions". From smart study rooms to smart living rooms, we use scenario based design and layout to show you Kaidi's integrated solution supply capabilities.Kaidi Corporation N5J33 boothIntelligent Study Solution▼The integrated solution application scenarios presented by the intelligent lifting table team, from the living room to the conference room and then to the home, have strong adaptability.Intelligent Study SolutionTo meet the consumer needs of the concept of "narrow space" and "light office", Kaidi offers two mini wall table solutions, which do not occupy any floor area and can also achieve "wiring freedom" by installing battery packs, which are both refreshing and lightweight.A super large conference table with six legs in collective linkage, with a wider desktop and synchronized lifting and lowering of six tables in two rows, making it more stable. Multiple 1:1 restored classic lift table models have attracted passersby to stop and watch.Six legged linkage conference tableThe two lift TV brackets on display also have their own unique features. One of them is the unique swinging lifting bracket of Kaidi, which can install up to 65 inch televisions. Another high load-bearing TV stand with rollers that can be moved freely and can accommodate up to 100 inch TVs.Lifting TV bracketThe elevator coffee table, motor box and control box for the first exhibition can be perfectly stored in the bottom space, making the overall effect of the coffee table more refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. It has no exposed wiring, and can be selected for plug-in and battery packs. Customers can also design their own appearance according to their needs.Electric lifting coffee tableIntelligent living room solution▼The products brought by the functional sofa team are currently the most popular solutions in the end consumer market.Intelligent living room solutionThis brand new KDM0522 armrest landing iron frame has a narrow design, deep sitting posture, and a more comfortable experience. The team has optimized its overall structure, and the stability of the iron frame has been significantly enhanced. In addition, there are two other new products on display on site: the zero gravity metal landing iron frame KDM0316, and the zero wall iron frame KDM0502, which is landing on the handrail.New Iron Frame KDM0522We also provide customizable Bluetooth apps with functions such as heartbeat testing, breath testing, and sedentary reminders. We can also customize logos, UI interfaces, and more.Functional sofa Bluetooth APP interfaceSeveral new hand controllers, including voice control, wireless charging, and hand controller retrieval functions, as well as the new model with the addition of Type-C's 18W fast charging port.Intelligent lifting esports table▼Customers who take a ferry to enter the N5 Pavilion will have the opportunity to unlock the "Surprise Little Eggs" set up by Kaidi. Another 9-square-meter esports booth, N5-FMC, we have arranged at the N5 Pavilion, is prominently located at the entrance.The legs of this e-sports table are designed with slant support, which inclines up and down. The appearance is younger and bolder. The cool effect matches the e-sports style, which is particularly eye-catching.Elevating esports table- THE END -




NeoCon 2023 in the United States is currently underway, and Kaidi invites you to the exhibition site together!
On June 12, 2023, the Chicago Interior Design and Office Furniture Exhibition NeoCon was successfully held in Illinois, where the Caddy USA team and domestic sales and R&D team presented their new products at booth 9102.The "Modular MODSYS" system, which was first released at the Interzum exhibition in Germany in May this year, also made a stunning debut at this exhibition. The fully equipped fast installation version of the table stand allows customers to observe and experience the convenience of disassembly and assembly at any time. There are also new hand controls, recommended best-selling accessories, and other exhibition elements for visitors to explore.It is worth mentioning that at this year's NeoCon event, Cady also publicly exhibited the fourth generation drive tube for the first time. This is a new upgrade to the electronic system architecture and has been granted an invention patent. The overall electronic control system is highly integrated inside the desk push, eliminating the need for external controllers, and has higher system compatibility. It supports mixed use scenarios of new and old desk push, as well as multiple desk push application scenarios.fourth Integrated system for driver tubes
Environmentally friendly and efficient! Kaidi's "modular system" has been heavily launched, creating a new idea for intelligent lifting table product solutions!
Schematic diagram of modular product solutionFor a long time, Kaidi has been insisting on developing more efficient product solutions to meet the needs of customers and the market. Recently, the new "Modular MODSYS" system has finally been officially released!On the basis of the original design, this solution achieves the independent separation of motors, electronic parts, and metal components, bringing the possibility of modular transportation, assembly, warehousing, and recycling. It is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product solution that will create higher benefits and value for customers!01产品功能及方案可拆卸及专用的电机模块 √ 高速电机 √ 重载电机 √ 普通电机多功能控制盒 √ 识别相应电机 √ 调整功能    • 行程    • 电机版本多功能升降桌推 √ 可适配的电机如下:    • 重载    • 高速    • 普通 √ 形状:正方形,矩形,圆形 √ 颜色:黑色,灰色,白色,定制色02产品优势通过模块化拆分组合的方式提高库存效率,降低仓储成本。通过模块化组合,减少部件的数量,同时增加产品的多样性。更契合欧洲WEEE环保法令的要求,大大降低电机回收成本,具有更强的可持续发展性。系统的模块化组合使得电机等零件更易于拆卸和修理,维护成本大幅降低,加强了客户黏性。独立模块,确保故障反馈更精确。模块化方案简化了装配,使产品组装难度降低,安装成本下降。通过模块化拆分组合的方式提高库存效率,增加产品的多样性。
Interzum 2023 in Germany is in full swing, Kaidi invites you to review the exciting scene of the exhibition!
On May 9, 2023, the Interzum exhibition in Germany was successfully held at the Cologne International Convention and Exhibition Center.On May 9, 2023, the Interzum exhibition in Germany was successfully held at the Cologne International Convention and Exhibition Center. Kaidi Co., Ltd. presented its smart adjustable table and functional sofa product solutions at booth D059 in Hall 4.2.Since the opening of the epidemic, Kaidi participated in the first large-scale furniture exhibition overseas. The domestic and foreign sales teams collectively went to the exhibition site and brought many long-awaited new products to overseas customers.What attracted the most attention at the exhibition site was the brand-new modular solution for smart lift desks. In response to the European Environmental Protection Act and the needs of customers and the market, Kaidi’s newly developed modular solution can not only realize the independent disassembly and recycling of motors, but also greatly reduce customer recycling/storage and transportation. The overall cost of the motor module is also provided in multiple versions such as normal/high-speed/heavy-duty as options.In addition, the latest quick-installation solution also realizes the independent disassembly and assembly of the footboard, table pusher, and beam, which not only has a qualitative leap in installation efficiency, but also greatly saves transportation and packaging costs.At the exhibition site, the "naked" split display of the electric table pusher and core components was also watched and appreciated by professional customers. The appearance of a variety of new hand controllers and control boxes, as well as classic products, attracted the audience to stop and consult.The Interzum exhibition is still in full swing. Kaidi sincerely welcomes every visitor to visit booth D059 in Hall 4.2 and looks forward to seeing you!