On the first day of Guangzhou CIFF, Kaidi will take you into the front line of the exhibition and directly hit the exciting scene!
2023-04-13 Corporate Information
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The 2023 Guangzhou CIFF is the first and most authoritative furniture exhibition in China after the opening of the epidemic. From March 28th to March 31st, Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. presented its intelligent lifting table/functional sofa/electric bed product solutions at booth S8.1D08, Hall 8.1, Area A, Canton Fair Complex as scheduled. On the first day of the exhibition, we welcomed many new and old friends, follow in the footsteps of Kaidi, and directly hit the exciting scene!

Kaidi's smart adjustable table products cover a comprehensive range. At this exhibition, from the cost-effective models of the cross-border e-commerce series to the high-quality models required for offline projects, there are corresponding products on display, covering different functions and grades. Market demand.

Among them are two desks, the design concept is mainly for home use, compared with desks, it gives more imagination space for smart adjustable desk products. This flip table can be widely used in reading, learning, painting, games and other scenes. The table is equipped with an air rod flap, which can be manually adjusted steplessly and locked. , Clip-on table sockets, etc., to make it more functional.


Another integrated table, the frame and table board can be integrated and customized, and modularly combined. The table board's unique three-layer hamburger structure design of "desktop/metal frame/decorative strip" makes the appearance of this table more beautiful and coordinated.


The new hand control integrated controller KDBC21 configured on the integrated table integrates the functions of the hand control and the control box. It is equipped with an LED display. In addition to the height value, it can also display the temperature and humidity. It integrates USB and Type C charging ports. With sedentary reminder, child lock and other functions. Its flush-mounted installation design is suitable for desktop slotting and side embedding, and the appearance design is more advanced.


All the hand controllers on site can control the desktop lifting through the Bluetooth adapter or directly adapt to the mobile phone APP.


The 3.0 version of the QUICK INSTALL™ quick installation system can be easily installed no matter between the table legs and the beam, or between the table legs and the footboard. The operation is simple and no tools such as wrenches or screws are required.

It only takes 3-5 minutes to complete the installation of the entire table, which greatly saves the manpower and time cost of installation, and also makes transportation and post-maintenance more convenient. This solution has been widely praised in domestic and foreign markets.


Kaidi functional sofa team brought several classic electric iron frame products to the audience. The iron frame KDM0522 with high legs and low seat and deep sitting posture can reach a sitting height of 43cm, and the seat is 5cm deeper than the conventional model, which is more comfortable.


The KDM5160B type armrest rests on the zero-gravity iron frame, which increases the height of the footrest by 17cm and the seat angle by 10° compared with the conventional type. After fully unfolded, the feet and the heart can be kept at the same level, so as to achieve the effect of zero gravity and make the physical and mental posture more comfortable. Relax.

KDM051 is a fixed-style high-legged sofa with long-legged iron frame. The height of the soft-covered rear footboard is about 50 cm from the ground.


The household single-person electric functional bed presented at the exhibition site is equipped with a wireless remote control hand controller, has 2 memory buttons, and can also be adapted to a mobile phone APP for pairing and control. Its back and legs can be raised and lowered freely, and vibrating massage. The user can control the bed light switch through the remote control, and there is also a USB charging port on the side of the bed.


Scale, flexibility, and integration, as such an excellent supplier of linear drive products, Kaidi focuses on bringing more cutting-edge product solutions to customers to meet market demand.。