"Flexible innovation, environmental protection first": Kaidi shares unveiled at the 2022 ORGATEC office furniture exhibition in Germany
2023-02-28 Corporate Information
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Single-column movable adjustable desks have always been versatile in life, and can be easily adapted to a variety of application scenarios, and are flexible and convenient to use. At the exhibition site, we temporarily transformed a single-column lifting table into a mobile dessert and beverage trolley.

The top of the trolley is the dessert placement and eating area, and the height can be adjusted by lifting. Below is a fixed-height drink basket, which can be taken by leaning over. This design is both interesting and practical, providing a more diverse imagination space for this table type.


Dessert drink "cart"

The exhibition site is full of details, even the luminous LOGO display board hanging on the wall is full of "small thoughts". This brand is customized by the laser engraving sheet metal workshop of Kaidi Factory. It traveled across the ocean from the Chinese headquarters to Germany , demonstrating Kaidi's high degree of product customization capabilities and factory production levels.


Factory customized laser engraving sheet metal LOGO

As a professional supplier of linear drive products, we are committed to providing and customizing the best solution for each customer, so as to catch every new demand and new trend of the market. The 5-day Cologne office furniture exhibition ORGATEC is still going on, and we look forward to meeting you again in Germany.