Kaidi Electric fire drill and emergency evacuation activities carried out smoothly
2023-02-28 Corporate Information
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Recently, Kaidi Electric held an emergency evacuation and fire drill in the workshop. In the form of intuitive and standardized fire drills and observations, it strengthened the skills of employees in fire escape and the use of fire-fighting equipment, and effectively improved everyone's emergency response capabilities. Familiar with the most convenient evacuation route.


At 14:00 on December 8th, the staff dormitory in the new factory area and the electrical workshop of Building No. 4 simulated a fire scene. After the staff discovered the fire, they reported the situation in time and quickly communicated it to the commander-in-chief Zhu Yu. From then on, the drill officially started.


Due to the thick smoke at the "fire scene" and the possibility of producing harmful gases, everyone bent down and covered their mouths and noses according to the instructions of the guide, and left the fire scene quickly and orderly, and evacuated to the empty area of Building 4.



At the same time, the emergency rescue team started operations, the ambulance team escorted the "injured" people out of the scene, and the external liaison team sent rescue requests to the fire brigade and the hospital. After all the employees were evacuated to a safe open space, the person in charge of each workshop counted the number of people in time and reported the situation to the team leader, and the commander-in-chief stabilized the emotions of the employees on site.



After the emergency evacuation drill, Zhu Yu also trained the on-site employees on fire escape, self-rescue and fire extinguishing knowledge, explained the number and location of fire extinguishers in each workshop, and demonstrated how to correctly use dry powder fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other equipment.



Immediately afterwards, a fire drill was carried out at the scene. According to the training instructions, before using the 5kg dry powder fire extinguisher, you need to shake the fire extinguisher upside down a few times, then remove the safety pin, aim the nozzle at the root of the fire, and press the switch to extinguish the fire. The personnel of the fire-fighting action team ignited the oil fire in the iron drum prepared in advance, and then the employee representatives experienced on-site operations one by one, and quickly extinguished the fire in a short time.



After the event, Commander-in-Chief Zhu Yu summarized the problems existing in the emergency drill, such as lack of proficiency in the connection and coordination of various links during emergency evacuation, lack of seriousness and concentration during escape, and lack of skillful staff in the fire-fighting operation process, etc., and emphasized fire safety awareness again The importance of: "Report the fire in time. In case of a small fire, you can use fire extinguishing equipment within the scope of your ability to extinguish it on the spot. If the fire is fast, you must escape quickly and safely."

After this emergency evacuation and fire drill, employees have a better understanding of the use of common fire equipment and fire safety knowledge. Events are good.