【Employee Story】Jiang Ronghua: Greatness begins in the smallest details, witnessing miracles with us
2023-02-28 Corporate Information
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本 期 嘉 宾




Q1: Please give a brief self-introduction.

My name is Jiang Ronghua, I am 47 years old, and I am the planning director of Kaidi PMC department. I am from Yibin, Sichuan. I came to Changzhou in 2000 and joined Kaidi. I have worked in the company for 22 years.

Q2: Tell me about your day's work.

My job responsibility is to control the production plan and production schedule. Starting from the sales order, we will convert it into an internal order, carry out master plan scheduling, and issue it to production to meet the delivery requirements.

Q3: How do you communicate with colleagues and teams?

There are 34 people in our PMC department, responsible for planning, material control, procurement, raw material warehouse, and finished product warehouse. We usually communicate point-to-point. When there is important work, we will organize meetings to solve problems together.

Q4: What impressive projects/work have you participated in?

I have witnessed the whole process of the company's digital reform, from paper-based management to the U8 system, from the U8 system to the launch of the SAP system in 2021. The updates and reforms of these internal management systems have greatly improved the work efficiency of all employees.

Q5: What unforgettable or touching people or things have you experienced?

When I was the director of the workshop, I needed to use computer office software. With the help of my colleagues, I was able to use it proficiently from zero foundation to now. We learned and grew together. friendship.

Q6: What growth has this job brought you?

I originally majored in nursing. After the progress of Kaidi, from the production line to the sample, to the quality department, then to the workshop management, and then to the current PMC department, I not only learned a lot of computer knowledge, but also participated in various aspects of the company. The training has greatly improved my management and planning capabilities. During these 22 years, I have grown tremendously.

Q7: What is Kaidi in your eyes?

The company made a lot of products at the beginning, and later chose to make motors and push rods. The business gradually stabilized until it was successfully listed. I participated in the whole process until the company was not easy. I believe that Kaidi will get better and better in the future.

Q8: How does your work look in the eyes of your family?

I came to Changzhou in 2000 and settled down to now. My family members are very familiar with the company. My daughter visited the company when she was a child. Because my work will deal with the workshop, I often need to work overtime, but my family still supports me very much. I am very grateful. Thanks to my loved ones.

Q9: During the 30 years since Kaidi was established, have you participated in any major events?

In the early years of the company, I participated in the trial production and proofing of many products or parts, such as motors, transformers, and stators. At that time, I was responsible for samples, writing process documents, and teaching production line workers how to operate.

Q10: What are your expectations for the future of the company?

I have always believed that the company can develop better and better, and I hope to accompany Kaidi on a longer journey and witness its continued development and growth.