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Bearing in mind the roots of the nation • Inheriting the revolutionary spirit

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On December 23, the party branch of Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. organized 18 comrades (including 17 official party members, 1 probationary party member, and 2 young pioneers) to go to the ancient capital of Nanjing for a one-day patriotic education and learning activity.

——The Kaidi Electric Party Branch visited the Nanjing Patriotism Education Demonstration Base

On December 23, the party branch of Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. organized 18 comrades (including 17 official party members, 1 probationary party member, and 2 young pioneers) to go to the ancient capital of Nanjing for a one-day patriotic education and learning activity.

During the one-day visit and study activities, party members and comrades visited the Nanjing China Modern History Site Museum (formerly the Presidential Palace), the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery and the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre Victims of the Japanese Invaders. Through a day of study, all the party members were deeply sinister by the martyrs, no matter how sinister the environment is, how the enemy is murderous, not tempted by money, not tempted by sweet words, not moved by the official position, not deeply tortured by torture. Touched. At the same time, let us deeply understand the sufferings experienced by the old Chinese people. All of them reveal such a truth. If they are backward, they will be beaten. Without a strong country, how can the people's dignity!

After the event, party members and comrades all said that the more they understand the history of these sufferings, the more they should cherish the hard life of peace. As a glorious Communist Party member, they must strengthen their confidence and move closer to the party, and actively play avant-garde model. Role, continuous learning, and work hard to contribute to the country's flourishing, the people's happy life and the healthy development of the company!

CPC Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. Branch Committee

December 24, 2018