China International Furniture Exhibition officially opened, and Kaidi debuted in Shanghai with "Intelligent Integrated Solutions"!
2023-09-18 Corporate Information
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On September 11-15, 2023, the 28th China International Furniture Exhibition was officially held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Today is the first day of the exhibition, and Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. made a stunning appearance at the N5J33 booth!

We use a super large LED screen up to 6 meters as the exterior wall of the N5 boutique material museum, which is particularly eye-catching. The inspiration for this year's Kaidi curation is "Intelligent Integrated Solutions". From smart study rooms to smart living rooms, we use scenario based design and layout to show you Kaidi's integrated solution supply capabilities.


Kaidi Corporation N5J33 booth

Intelligent Study Solution

The integrated solution application scenarios presented by the intelligent lifting table team, from the living room to the conference room and then to the home, have strong adaptability.


Intelligent Study Solution

To meet the consumer needs of the concept of "narrow space" and "light office", Kaidi offers two mini wall table solutions, which do not occupy any floor area and can also achieve "wiring freedom" by installing battery packs, which are both refreshing and lightweight.

A super large conference table with six legs in collective linkage, with a wider desktop and synchronized lifting and lowering of six tables in two rows, making it more stable. Multiple 1:1 restored classic lift table models have attracted passersby to stop and watch.


Six legged linkage conference table

The two lift TV brackets on display also have their own unique features. One of them is the unique swinging lifting bracket of Kaidi, which can install up to 65 inch televisions. Another high load-bearing TV stand with rollers that can be moved freely and can accommodate up to 100 inch TVs.


Lifting TV bracket

The elevator coffee table, motor box and control box for the first exhibition can be perfectly stored in the bottom space, making the overall effect of the coffee table more refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. It has no exposed wiring, and can be selected for plug-in and battery packs. Customers can also design their own appearance according to their needs.


Electric lifting coffee table

Intelligent living room solution

The products brought by the functional sofa team are currently the most popular solutions in the end consumer market.


Intelligent living room solution

This brand new KDM0522 armrest landing iron frame has a narrow design, deep sitting posture, and a more comfortable experience. The team has optimized its overall structure, and the stability of the iron frame has been significantly enhanced. In addition, there are two other new products on display on site: the zero gravity metal landing iron frame KDM0316, and the zero wall iron frame KDM0502, which is landing on the handrail.


New Iron Frame KDM0522

We also provide customizable Bluetooth apps with functions such as heartbeat testing, breath testing, and sedentary reminders. We can also customize logos, UI interfaces, and more.


Functional sofa Bluetooth APP interface

Several new hand controllers, including voice control, wireless charging, and hand controller retrieval functions, as well as the new model with the addition of Type-C's 18W fast charging port.


Intelligent lifting esports table

Customers who take a ferry to enter the N5 Pavilion will have the opportunity to unlock the "Surprise Little Eggs" set up by Kaidi. Another 9-square-meter esports booth, N5-FMC, we have arranged at the N5 Pavilion, is prominently located at the entrance.

The legs of this e-sports table are designed with slant support, which inclines up and down. The appearance is younger and bolder. The cool effect matches the e-sports style, which is particularly eye-catching.


Elevating esports table