Kaidi Co., Ltd. became the "Vice Chairman Unit of China Furniture Association" and attended the 2023 Executive Director Meeting
2023-07-10 Corporate Information
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The China Furniture Association is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions, social organizations, and individuals in the production, operation, scientific research, and teaching of the Chinese furniture industry and related industries. Its business is guided by the China Light Industry Federation.

The association represents the interests of the industry, reflects the wishes and requirements of members, serves member units, safeguards their legitimate rights and interests, conveys the intentions of the government, and plays a bridge and link role between enterprises and the government.

After professional review and evaluation by the China Furniture Association, Changzhou Kaidi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has officially become the "Vice Chairman Unit of the 7th Council of the China Furniture Association".

This honor is a full recognition from the China Furniture Association of Kaidi's contributions in the field of linear drive and intelligent furniture over the past thirty years. Kaidi's active application to join the council also demonstrates our company's determination to jointly promote the development of China's furniture industry.


On June 15th, the 2023 Executive Council Meeting of China Furniture Association was successfully held in Qingfeng, Henan. Kaidi Chairman Zhou Rongqing was invited to attend the meeting.


Numerous local and association leaders, as well as over 260 vice chairmen, executive directors, and representatives of provincial and municipal associations from across the country, attended the meeting. The conference has established an open and diverse dialogue platform for the Chinese industry, enhanced mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation and friendship for many furniture industry enterprises, shared successful experiences, and shared development prospects, allowing participants to gain a lot.

As a new member of the Council of the China Furniture Association, Kaidi is confident in jointly exploring the modernization path of the furniture industry through deeper industry guidance and enterprise exchanges, and contributing our efforts. In the future, we will definitely generate greater industry voice for the linear drive industry!