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  On March 10th, the city's "Major Project Strengthening Year of Tackling Toughness" mobilization conference was held. The conference commended the city for being awarded the National Technology Invention Project of 2019, the National Science and Technology Progress Award Project of 2019, and the city's "Improving Quality and Efficiency, The "Star Innovation Innovation" event won the awards of enterprises and entrepreneurs, the city's major contribution award in 2019 and the "five-star enterprise" in 2019. At the meeting, Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. won multiple awards. Chairman Zhou Rongqing attended the meeting and accepted the commendation on behalf of the company.



Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. won:

Changzhou "Industrial Five-Star Enterprise" in 2019

Top 100 Taxpayers in Changzhou in 2019





Mr. Zhou Rongqing, Chairman of the Board, was again awarded the title of "Industrial Star Entrepreneur" in Changzhou



  On the same day, Changzhou Wujin District convened a mobilization meeting for “Being competitive and re-starting”. Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. won the “Big Taxpayers in Wujin District in 2019”. Mr. Zhou Shucheng, Vice Chairman, received the award on behalf of the company (5 from the left).

  This year, Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. will actively respond to the decision-making and deployment of the municipal Party committee and district committee, strengthen its confidence, and go against the trend, strengthen the prevention and control during the epidemic, and promote Kaidi to be first-class in future development..