Happy Chinese New Year, happy opening! Kaidi shares won four awards!
2023-02-23 Corporate Information
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Welcoming the Spring Festival, Vientiane is renewed. On January 28, the Changzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held the "first meeting" of the Spring Festival - the city's new energy capital construction promotion meeting.


On March 30, the Changzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone held a mobilization meeting of "Project Tackling and Industry Advancement". Gu Weiguo, Ding Yi and other party and government leaders of Changzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone attended the meeting.

Happy New Year's Eve! Kaidi was commended in two city-level and district-level New Year work conferences, and received many honors. Changzhou Kaidi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. won the "Changzhou Four-Star Enterprise", "Silver Award for Large Taxpayer in the Economic Development Zone" and "Quality Management Award in the Economic Development Zone". The company's general manager Zhou Shucheng was awarded the "Changzhou Star Entrepreneur".








Chen Jinhu, secretary of the municipal party committee, said that only by setting sail, striving to be the first, and supporting the continuous rise of the city's energy level with the all-round rise of the new energy capital, can we demonstrate "Changzhou's strengths" and highlight "Changzhou value" and embody "Changzhou responsibility".

Gu Weiguo, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, pointed out that it is necessary to unswervingly promote "projects and industries", to fight the battle of project construction, and to speed up the construction of a modern industrial zone. Develop a new situation.

As a world-renowned supplier in the field of linear drives, Kaidi has always insisted on creating customer value through scale and technological innovation, and has built a highly complete and self-manufacturing full-line industrial chain around linear drive products.



For a long time, the development of Kaidi has been adhering to the principle of following the trend, and has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the exploration of many linear drive application fields. In addition to home and office products, the main product of Kaicheng, a subsidiary of Kaidi, is the electric tailgate system, which just caters to the development direction of intelligent and electrified automobile industry. In the future, Kaidi will continue to maintain this spirit of continuous exploration and closely follow the direction of national policies and market consumption trends.

At the same time, the company focuses on independent research and development, and constantly trains and introduces talents. In the future, Kaidi will continue to invest in the purchase of advanced production equipment to promote the fully automated development of the entire industrial chain production line. At the same time, it will continue to expand its territory and seek further development at the global level.