To establish a strengthened intellectual property management system, Kaidi is in action!
2022-07-08 Corporate Information
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April 26 is World Intellectual Property Day, and April 20-26 every year is China Intellectual Property Publicity Week. The theme of this year's publicity week is "Comprehensively Start a New Journey to Build a Powerful Intellectual Property Country".

For enterprises, intellectual property rights are not only closely related to business behavior, but only with independent intellectual property rights can enterprises remain invincible in the market; standardizing the intellectual property system also reflects the enterprise's emphasis on innovation, advocating science and respecting knowledge sense of responsibility.

Establish a strengthened intellectual property management system,

Caddy in action!

Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Plan

In 2020, Kaidi Co., Ltd. declared and was selected into the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Plan Project. After two years of project development, the project will be officially accepted in July 2022. Kaidi Co., Ltd. has actually completed:

▪ Formation of enterprise intellectual property strategy implementation environment survey report;

▪ Formulate sustainable intellectual property strategic planning;

▪ Construct and operate the enterprise patent information utilization mechanism;

▪ Realize trademark registration of patented products;

▪ Carry out the patent layout of trademark and brand products;

▪ Promote the comprehensive use of patents and trademarks;

▪ Establish and improve the intellectual property protection system.

Through scientific and comprehensive intellectual property management, Kaidi Co., Ltd. has made positive contributions to stimulating the province's intellectual property creation vitality, strengthening the enterprise's intellectual property strategy implementation capabilities, and better promoting the high-quality economic development of the province.


The 5th Changzhou Patent Award won the Excellence Award

In 2022, Kaidi was selected for the 5th Changzhou Patent Award and won the Patent Excellence Award.

The patent project "Linear Actuator and Its Quick Release Device" submitted by the company is independently researched and developed. It has a good technical level and market prospect. It has been transformed and implemented and achieved good economic and social benefits.


Patent & Team: Enhancing Core Competitiveness

Kaidi is well aware of the importance of intellectual property as an intangible asset for an enterprise. Therefore, the company starts from the two major directions of patent management and team building, insists on long-term investment, and strengthens the innovation ability of the enterprise, so as to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness.

In terms of patents, the company starts work from various aspects such as inquiry, management, registration, and legal affairs:

▪ Formulate intellectual property strategic planning and patent information database;

▪ Apply for patents and registered trademarks around the company's products and technologies;

▪ Carry out rotation training on intellectual property rights by department and level;

▪ Establish an intellectual property rights protection team and rights protection mechanism;

▪ Set up a special management fund for intellectual property rights.

In terms of talents, Kaidi has always insisted on developing a sophisticated talent team and built a scientific research team with more than 270 people. For many years in the industry, it has always maintained product and technological innovation, and quickly responded to the diversified product customization needs of downstream customers with its profound technical accumulation.


Kaidi has long adhered to the talent development strategy and strengthened intellectual property management, precisely because it has long been deeply aware that this is not only conducive to improving the modern management system of the enterprise; it can also reduce potential infringement risks and protect its own legitimate rights and interests; what is important is to continuously improve Innovation and innovation are the most effective ways to comprehensively enhance core competitiveness and maintain long-term profit growth.