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Human Resources

Open a new chapter for your career and build a better future with Kaidi Electric!


The heart of the identity



A person walks faster,while a group of people walk further. Identify with the company's corporate culture, talent and enterprise talent peer development.

The heart of innovation



Innovation, is a modern people should have the quality, is the soul of an enterprise progress, is an enterprise thriving inexhaustible power.

The heart of cooperation



Be good at communicating with subordinates, colleagues and superiors, enhance the cohesion of the group, gradually improve the work efficiency, and effectively play the role.

Build a better future together with Kaidi Electric


In the current operating environment, human resource is a valuable resource for enterprises, and is the key to win the competition and success. Excellent enterprises often gather excellent elites in this industry. Clear talent concept is the basis of mutual value identification.Join us and develop together. Open a new chapter for my career and build a better future together with Kaidi Electric !



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